How to choose best family tent for your travels

Camping tents come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of the time, picking the right family tent is a challenge since there are so many on the market. Here are some factors that you should consider when you want to buy a best tent for your family.


Most tents are advertised by man size. This is determined by the maximum number of people who can fit in the tent, without any personal gear. This rating system is great for light backpackers; however, it really doesn’t work for just about everyone else.

For other campers, dividing the tent rating by 2 will give the real capacity of the tent. This means that a four man tent is good for two adults, and maybe two small children.

Square feet is another sizing option printed on the tent’s packaging. A minimum of 30 square feet of flooring is what most people are comfortable with. For longer camping trips, more space per person is recommended. The tent’s length and width are also important. Make sure that the tent is a foot more than the tallest person in one of these measurements.

How many tents?

Depending on your family, and the area that you will camp in, you may want to think about using more than one tent. Children are able to fit into smaller sized tents. Most children, after the age of seven, will most likely want to have their own tent. This can save you room in the larger tent. Most times, a five by seven-foot tent will be more than enough room for most children.


One of the most common shapes of a family tent is the umbrella shape, as it has standing room, windows, and rain fly over the top. Geodesic tents come in many shapes and sizes, but all the combinations are made from connected triangles.


As a general rule, the higher priced tents are stronger overall. They also last longer, and withstand worse weather. So, if you take good care of these tents they can last for years. However, not every family will need one of these higher priced tents.

If you are just starting out, and don’t know how often you will use the tent, you should think about buying lower price tent. Also, most families will go camping in warm and dry weather. Remember that you can upgrade at a later time, and still use the budget friendly tent when the conditions are nice.

Why I Love Teaching English In China

When I first started thinking about moving overseas, I tried to decide where would be the best place for me to live and how I would be able to make a living in that place. I decided that teaching English in China would be the best way for me to get my feet wet living overseas.

I knew that there were lots of jobs available and that they paid a great salary and provided many benefits. I had always thought it would be fun to teach young kids and make a difference in their lives, so I decided to find myself a job through a teacher placement company I found called New Life ESL and get on that plane to China.

I did some interviews with schools that the recruitment company introduced me to and ended up picking a job that I really loved. I then went through the process of selling all my stuff and getting my visa and everything else ready to move overseas.

Once I got to China it was even better than I expected it to be. The people were very friendly to me, and though the big city of Beijing was very chaotic and hard for me to understand at first, I had a lot of people willing to help me find my way around and answer all the questions that I had. I quickly started to get used to life in Beijing and even found myself picking up some Chinese.

After the first week of sight-seeing and getting used to my new home, I was ready to start teaching. I was teaching kindergarten age students and this was my first experience doing so. I have to say that I fell in love with the kids and the job immediately. We played a lot of games, learned songs, and watched all kinds of fun cartoons and TV shows. The kids had so much energy and were so much friendly that I found myself excited to wake up every day and almost running out the door to get to the school and start teaching.

I found it such a valuable experience to be able to help the kids learn English, as I knew it would help them greatly later in life when it came to finding high paying jobs and maybe even going to university internationally. I feel like the kids taught me just as much as I taught them. They made me remember that life is all about having fun and getting enjoyment out of the things you do.

They also made me remember that learning new skills is one of the best and most fulfilling ways to spend your time. These days I have much more experience teaching English that I’ve gathered over the years, but I’ll never forget the experiences that I had teaching English in China. I would recommend that absolutely everyone moves overseas and teaches English at some point in their life. You will learn much about the world around you and probably even more about yourself in the process.

Fun Moments from Fishing Trips in Dubai

Deep sea fishing in Dubai is so much fun. A trip to this land of amazement’ is never complete without a chance to experience the thrill that comes with deep sea fishing. Together with a bunch of friends, we went for deep see fishing the last time I was in Dubai and the memories still lingers. That is because it was one of the best moments I’ve ever had in my life. Everything was perfectly organized, and the fun was unmatched. The beautiful thing about fishing trips Dubai is that everything is will impress you right from the shore, before you even set off for deep sea.

Advanced Equipment and Tools

From the state of the art fishing equipment to some of the best yachts you can ever come across. The journey to the deep see is as thrilling as the fishing itself. The company we hired for the trip was so hospitable, and their services were equally excellent. So we chose a bigger hatch since we were five in number, plus the yacht crew. Satisfied with the condition of the equipment and their state-of-the-art safety equipment and tools, we set off for the deep sea. The weather was equally calm and favorable, and we knew we were going to experience one of the best moments of our lives, and guess what? We did.

Safety is important, and the company chosen to facilitate the trip must have high regards for safety. Safety equipment and measures put in place before and during the trip matters a lot. Knowing that there were people looking out for us the whole time gave us even more confidence to utilize the moment to the maximum. We caught some of the cutest fish and swam whenever we could, and we could get enough of everything. There are special events for everyone, no matter what age or group you are in:


You can choose to cruise through the still waters of Dubai early in the morning, or later in the evening. You can catch that sunrise or sunset while fishing, it’s your choice. The prices vary with companies, and you can find many affordable services.

My Escape From Rainy Thailand To Sunny Bali

cliffs in Bali

I can remember sometimes back when there was this bothering rain in Thailand that could not let me and my wife enjoy the intense feeling of sun scorch on the skin. We could not wait to get off the heavy and thick clothing and jump into something breezy. The best thing that happened to us was when we learned of going to Bali at that moment. A time when we could get sunny soaked and enjoy the coolest rental villas near a beach.

Our primary problem was choosing amongst the several lined up Bali villa rentals. There were very many of them lined up with each offering their services at different prices. I know you are pondering on this pricing issue since you would easily go for something that is within your budget and particular interest but if you get into this situation, things will get more real. During our stay in Bali we went up to search for the contacts of the villa agents who helped us get a villa rental that was according to our budget and suited our needs but still looked luxurious.


When I reflect on the three-week vacation I had in Bali, it gives me the best memories of a sunny beach time with my wife. I can strongly suggest the same for you whether you are running from a gloomy rainy weather or you just want a place to have fun as a couple. I realized that a great variety of people from different parts of the world were there for vacation too. There are several places to find a similar treat to what we had like for instance the Seminyak, Ubud, Jimbaran, Canggu and Umalas. You can choose the heavily build Seminyak which is located close to the restaurants and the heart of nightlife if you are into it. However, my wife was in agreement with the agent’s help we stay far from the crowd in a cool and quite place making jimbaran our destination. We enjoyed the exciting water sports, the stunning beaches and the cliffs that sparked up our adrenaline.

The friendly agents will help you find the right place since they have better understanding and know better which villa will be fair according to your budget. The agents will give you the check in and check out details. You are free to ask for another place in case the recommended villa place does not meet your expectations. The agents are very friendly and they will help you get the exact place you want as long as they are not filled up.

restaurant in BaliAfter I left the place, a friend of mine praised his stay in Jimbaran area. He said that it was an amazing place that naturally attracts tourists and it is extends to the Ngurah Rai Airport and Uluwatu temple that will treated him to the Bali traditions; the Bali Dance, Ngurah dance, Legong Dance, Barong Dance and many more.

I enjoyed the dinner for two arrangements that had the place lit with ornamental candles (they made us feel the romance that we felt during our courting days). You will not find any better treatment in any other villas that beat Bali villas.


Five Best Travel Destinations in India

India is diverse, be it the culture, the food, the religion, the festivals celebrated, the language spoken or even its basic mentality. India has a rich past scattered all over its soil, sowed by its ancestor’s blood and sweat, reaping its benefits even after a 100 years. The streets are filled with all sorts of people from all over the country. India being the second most populated country with a count of 1.252 Billion, you can be assured that no place you visit will be isolated and lonely. India is where you can experience the beauty of life. Whether it is the rich or the rags, there is a beauty to it all. With the white glistened mountains in the north to the hot and humid beaches in the south, India has it all.

According to popular choice and maximum votes, five of the best travel destinations  include:

  1. Port Blair: The capital and the largest town in the Andaman Islands, Port Blair is one of the most beautiful places to vacation in India. Go snorkelling at the Havelock Islands, scuba diving, parasailing and sunbathing, also a perfect spot for your honeymoon. If you love the sea laden lands and the breezy winds, Port Blair is the place to go.
PORT BLAIR: Surely heaven on the earth
  1. Shillong: Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya (“Abode of clouds”), the smallest state in India, it is abundant with waterfalls and hence also known as the “Scotland of the East”, a perfect nightlife if you are a party goer and of course one of the most popular choices for a honeymoon as it is the only place in India that receives the maximum amount of rainfall.
The waterfalls of Shillong
  1. Allapuzha: Why go anywhere else when you can have everything right here in God’s own Country, Kerala. Allapuzha which is also known as Allepey, is famous for its backwaters and so a houseboat cruise is not so hard to find. A very romantic place to enjoy the beaches, the canals and the lakes with the best food that there is. Kerala, its traditions and its people are something’s you really have to experience at least once in your lifetime.
A houseboat on the backwaters of Allapuzha
  1. Ooty: Do you enjoy the cold weather? How about backpacking in the cold weather? What about a hot cup of beverage in the cold weather? Sounds right doesn’t it? That is because Ooty serves everything you need for a vacation, just right. Visit the beautiful gardens, watch the Tigers dance to their own rhythm, or maybe just go for a long drive through the misty roads.
The Greenland’s of India- Ooty
  1. Kishtwar: A municipality in the Kishtwar District of the Jammu region in Jammu and Kashmir

is well known for the opportunities it portrays for the adrenaline addicts. Mountaineering, trekking, climbing, watching the glaciers and other outdoor recreations are just a few things this place offers to you. If you are looking for something daring, then this small place will probably be perfect for you.

A daredevil indeed.

The Kerala Honeymoon Package presented to you is inclusive of everything ranging from the best resorts and hotels, cheap commute charges, healthy meal plans, amenities and an itinerary which suits your requirements the best. These packages are what you are looking for before you start life with your better half. Choose the best package which fits your budget as well as your priorities.

The Discount Travel Packages offered to you are at rates like never before. Travelling is a pricey choice in life, so why not at candid prices to the places you wish to visit. A vacation with your family especially with your kids can cause quite an expenditure, but why compromise on these trivial pleasures when you can handle both the travel costs as well as these small expenses and yet stay within your budget. Go for your honeymoon or go for an adventure all by yourself at low and discounted rates and still enjoy certain sinful pleasures in life.

Popular Things To Shop For In Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a shopping destination for both, budgetary shoppers and the extravagant. You can find a number of popular things in the Bangkok which you can shop during your next visit to this fabulous city. Brief information about some of these things provided in this write-up will help you greatly in this regard. You can also check out one of my post on 5 things to do in Bangkok.


Lacquer-wareLacquer-ware is the specialty of Thai craftsmen. In this art form they overlap bamboo or wooden items with glossy layer of black lacquer and then paint artistic images on them in golden colour. They are also skilled in creating enchantingly beautiful sceneries by setting oyster shells in the background of black lacquer.

Traditional items:

There are a number of traditional and very much practical items you can buy in Bangkok like artistically carved teakwood salad bowls and breadboards along with statutes of mythical gods, elephants, angels as well as decorative stands. Place mats, handbags and baskets woven with natural fibres and statutes of classical drama figures made of bronze are the other items you can buy to decorate your home more elegantly.


Antiques - RattanakosinThough sometime Burma and Thailand were known for their finest antiques but now they are rarely available. However the value of these antiques lies in their rarity. You can find an array of shops at River City where you can buy genuine antiques as well as their imitations. They are permitted to sell and ship various types of antique items as per the requirements of their customers


Bangkok retail market is known for crafting ceramic pottery sine more than 5,000 years. You can find ceramic items in the same shape and designs made since thousands of years even though antiques are rarely available today. The Sangkhalok ceramic plates from ancient Sukhothai are among the most popular ceramic items due to its distinctive design of twin-fish. Dinnerware, statuary and lamps made of celadon, a beautiful stoneware in dark-brown or light jade-green colour, and Chinese Benjarong developed by Thai artists can also be bought for this purpose.

Gems and jewellery:

Gold_Jewelry_Creative_Gems_Jewelry-01Thailand is also known for its sapphires and rubies mined in the city of Chantaburi situated on the eastern coast of Bangkok. You can also get various types Cambodian and Burmese stones in Bangkok market to use in your jewelleries. Most of the Thai Sapphires are available in green, yellow and blue colours whereas the colour range of rubies include pale to deep blood red. You can also get jewelleries in gold, white gold, platinum and silver made by Thai jewellers in traditional as well as contemporary designs. But while shopping for gems and jewellery in Bangkok you should be careful as there are great chances of bogus deals and cheating. You should prefer to buy gems and jewellery in Bangkok from reputable shops only to avoid any fraud in this regard.

Thus on the basis of the information provided in this write-up you can shop for a number of popular things in Bangkok while travelling through this wonderful city.

What are People like in Thailand

In my venture towards experiencing life in Thailand, I’ve come to witness a very rich culture and the wondrous places of the country. I have learned a number of things, not only from the tour itself and visiting their landmarks, but from the Thai people and their distinctive personalities and character. Here are some noteworthy qualities they possess and what you would expect if you come to Thailand some time in the future:

The Friendly Factor, BFFs?

First off, you will get to know how Thai people are like since they are very friendly. Whenever you get to make eye contact and being your prim and proper self, smile at them, you are sure to receive a smile back. This is not merely done in such a way as you nod to someone, but a most welcoming, warmest and friendliest genuine smile they can flash upon you! You’ll be surprised at how incredibly friendly they are if you get the chance to speak with any Thai person, like you’ve been friends for a long time with how comfortable they are in talking to you. They have no worries talking to strangers and foreigners that cross their path, more so, you will see it amongst themselves in the camaraderie they show.

Generosity and Respect, in Action.

You would feel their generosity to the brim. It would actually seem they just can’t help it, that they must keep on giving and doing things for you! Thai people respect each other in a mutual way, like being bound to a hierarchy where each person knows where he or she stands, and literally stooping down a bit to express honor for a person they consider higher than them. This is also exhibited in their politeness towards their elders and the pleasant interaction they are able to undertake. I say this is most prominent in a Thai school with a head teacher among all teachers, and the students being taught the value of respect by example. You will see and realize that actions indeed speak louder than words.

Lax Yet Hardworking

Though they may look lax in nature and can laugh easily, Thailand is quite a full house on busy days. It is evident in their ways and activities that they typically do in their everyday life. Thai people are early birds, scattered into the entire city to work as soon as they can. In the morning, you will find people in their locksmith shops, at the market, and the bus trying to pack up and load more people even with very limited space. Though this is a scenario of hardworking people, they remain relaxed and not in a hurry about anything, generally happy and content with what they have. Thailand is also a full house of highly skilled people who contribute a lot to its ethnic, homegrown culture, including painters, writers, dancers, musicians, sculptors, and architects. A majority of them possess the values and traits I have cited here, but of course, the diverse population comes with variations of what typical Thai people would be like.

The Ultimate Thai Vacation – 5 Things To Do In Bangkok.

The fusion capital of Thailand is a metropolitan hub that never ceases to amaze both avid globetrotters and first-time tourists. It has a unique combination of modernity and sophistication blended uniquely into an old-fashioned lifestyle fabric. From the towering skyscrapers at the city center to the lofty ornate shrines, Bangkok speaks of diversification in the most pristine of ways. In fact, the vibrant street life and the melting pot of different cultures in this Asian city makes it one of the most tourist friendly places on earth. For a moment, let us forget about the colorful tuk-tuk taxis that dominate this Central Thailand concrete jungle. Of course, you have to ride in one of these before you’ve had your fill of what a true Asian vacation has to offer.

1) Visit the Bangkok temples.

templesA visit to Thailand is never concluded without paying respects to the religious architecture in this city. This is especially true if you have an interest in Buddhism or Eastern Asian religion. Numerous temples built in a variety of styles populate the city. One of the most famous temples is the Wat Pho, popularly known for the Wat Arun and the reclining Buddha image. An afternoon stroll in the Wat Trai Mit will reward you with the rare sights of the golden Buddha – A mysterious historical artifact.

2.) Take in the sights of the ancient palaces.

Bangkok remains an important historical hub in Thailand as it a business district. Ancient palaces dating back to almost two thousand years ago are a major tourist attraction here. Other than that, the Grand palace is one must-visit must-see historical monument for any tourist visiting this city.

3.) Take some memorable photos of Bangkok’s skyline in Lumpini park and explore the numerous museums in the city.

skyline in Lumpini park

The Lumpini is one of the largest open space areas in urban Bangkok. It serves as a both a recreation and commercial core in the city, where one is treated to a rare haven of tranquillity against the backdrop of highrise concrete architecture. It’s a perfect getaway spot for those hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, at least for a while. Lumpini park, in addition, offers a one of kind connection to nature giving one the much-needed break after days of exploring a fast-paced city.

4.) Shop for souvenirs in Siam Paragon or Central World.

Siam Paragon

Bangkok is no doubt a shoppers’ paradise for anyone who loves to the get the value for their money. Not only are things cheaper in this Asian metropolis, but the ambiance in these shopping malls is simply enchanting. From luxury branded clothes to simple merchandise, Bangkok has it all.

5.) Get lost and be found in the Bangkok escape hunt adventures.


A list of things to do in Bangkok is not complete without savoring the best that the city has – the Bangkok Escape Hunt. It is a virtual, stimulating game that is not only interesting but also addictive. Unlike other escape games, Escape Hunt is competitive, immersive, easy to play and suited for people of all ages. The best part is that this make-believe game can be played in duo, or in a group of friends or for a fun corporate team building activity Bangkok. Basically, the game involves a virtual adventure where each player takes up an assumed role and the team proceeds to solve ‘mysteries’ by working out a set of puzzles, in order to find the “guilty” party and escape. All this takes place in a mini theme park designed to give the players of the game an out-of-this-world enthralling experience.

Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. In the last few years, Bangkok has emerged to be one of the most popular and successful business hubs in Southeast Asia. When I first visited Bangkok, I stayed for a period of 3 days. My short trip wasn’t able to satisfy my craving to see more in the city, and I ended up visiting Bangkok more times. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of a few places you can’t ignore on your trip to Bangkok.

Visit the Shrines – Bangkok is well-known for its shrines, standing strong among tall skyscrapers. Grand Palace is one of the most renowned temples in Bangkok. A trip to this temple is included in most tour packages. Grand Palace is popular because of its rich history, spiritual wealth and beautiful architecture. The world-famous Emerald Buddha statue is also present in this temple. Other temples worth mentioning include Wat Arun, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Pho and Trimitir.



Cruise along Chao Phraya – Chao Phraya is one of the most grand and spectacular rivers in Thailand. Many tourists take cruise rides along Chao Phraya river. People who visit Bangkok frequently don’t leave without spending atleast one evening on a cruise. You can enjoy clear blue waters with delicious local cuisine.

Enjoy at the Floating Market – Floating market is a concept unique to Bangkok. The capital city of Thailand has many canals where vendors run a floating market on boats and ferries. For locals, it is a traditional method of shopping for fruits and vegetables. Although the market’s popularity has decreased because of big shopping malls, I still loved the unique experience.

floating market in bangkok

Delightful Shopping – Whether you shop frequently or not, flashy billboards and glaring neon lights will not let you escape Bangkok’s giant malls and shopping complexes. Bangkok has a wide range of retail chains, stores and shops spread over the whole city. Bangkok invites a lot of shoppers from all around the globe. In Bangkok, tourists can shop for high-profile fashion brands at affordable prices. MBK shopping centre is a place you need to visit for sure.

Street Food – A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without trying the street food. Bangkok is a welcome place for all kinds of foodies. Although Bangkok offers some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world, it is great to relax and let your hair down to try some delicious street snacks. You’ll be licking your fingers throughout the day.

bangkok- street food

Bangkok is a fantastic tourist destination. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For years, it’s been my favorite. When you’re trying to explore this city, you will never be disappointed. It offers flexible options for tourists of all kinds. However, you need to make sure that everything is ready before you begin your trip. You need to consider your budget and book your accommodation.

When we talk about accommodation, you don’t need to worry at all. You can easily use some websites to book a hotel in Bangkok. These websites let you choose from a wide range of hotels within your budget. Once you have booked your accommodation in advance, you will be free to experience everything that Bangkok has to offer.